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          Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co.,LTD --- Welcome to register the member of Tianhui Electronic Co.,LTD, after activated you can enjoy more professional service!!!


          Zhuhai Tianhui Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, a total investment of 5 million yuan, is a professinal LED packaging and LED illumination products Hi-Tech manufacurer integrated the R&D, production, sales and service in one including a full range wavelength from ultravoiet light to Infrared light and all spectrum of light LED packaged in small power and high power. Since its inception, always uphold the "customer first, innovation and winning" business philosophy, to recruit elite talent all directions, with a high-quality professional R &amp; D team and the most advanced production equipment. The company's extensive development experience, strong technical force, strict quality management, advanced equipment, intensive style. To create a high-tech products with excellent quality and dedication to provide customers with high quality, safe, energy saving, environmental protection, stable products and caring service. All kinds of products in the same industry have the advantage of better quality and stability.

          LED: Purple and UV 
          We are one of the earliest manufacurers engaged in UV Led (Light Emitting Diode)packaging with the widest product range, the highest quality, most stable and the most competive price. We have UV-UVA, UVB, UVC three product segments from short to long wavelengths, the power from small to large size range. Products include imported from abroad and domestic autonomy package, a full range of products, including wavelength 240NM, 260NM, 280NM,340NM, 365NM, 375NM, 380NM, 390NM, 400NM, 420NM etc, the package types including small SMD Led, DIP, High Power Lambertain Led, P Led, High Power SMD etc. Wer are one of the most competitive professional suppliers. The products are widely used in Money detector, Banknotes anti-counterfeiting, Leak tests, Medical care, Air purification, Optical curing and other fields.

          LED: White, Red, Gree, Blue Yellow and Infared
          With a full range of high technology and foreign suppliers of excellent resources, we developed varies of power, colors, package types with high-brightness and low light dissipation Leds. And the indicators of Led techniques are already at the industry-leading level. Products are widely used in airports, railway stations, shopping malls, hotels, stage lights, decoration, roads, courtyards, streets and other indoor and outdoor illumination etc

          Development Principles: 
          Abiding by the principles of harmonous business devolopment, we kindly treat our employees based on common interests like fish and water. And build an excellent enterprise team constructing united corporate culture to sincerely provide top level quality production and service for domestic and international customers.


          Anderson Qu
          Martin Xie
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